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A standard uncontested divorce is where the Husband and Wife both agree on specifically dividing up the assets and liabilities.  Standard child custody and visitation is agreed upon if there are minor children.  One parent has to be the primary final decision maker, and child support has to be paid pursuant to state guidelines, there cannot be an agreement on a lower amount.  Both party's signatures are required.  

The prices for standard uncontested divorces are $425 plus filing fees for no minor children and $750 plus filing fees with minor children.  Filing fees including electronic filing are approximately $260 for most Georgia Counties. An Office Consultation is not included in the standard uncontested divorce price.  There is an additional fee should you wish to schedule an "in office" consultation.  Quitclaim deeds, high asset divorces, as well as the dividing up of any retirement plan through a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) are also not included in the standard uncontested divorce price.  Also, a standard uncontested divorce can usually be obtained without the necessity of going to court for a hearing, should a hearing be required, an additional fee is charged.

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